The mountains are calling

For the past year (okay, okay, maybe even longer) we had been complaining talking about how we live so far away from our work and the kids’ school.

Without traffic it takes about 38 minutes to get to the kids’ school.  With traffic though, it could take between 50 minutes to 1:25 minutes (unless there is a power outage – then it could take two hours).  Getting to school on time meant that we had to leave the house at 6:20 AM on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays, and then the other two days we would need to leave by 6:10 AM.  We would arrive to school early every day but if we left 10 minutes later, that would make us very late.

With the kids doing extra curricular activities and with our work schedules, we just weren’t able to spend time at home.  When Saturdays came, all we could think about is sleep and rest.  And Sundays were left to do ALL the housework and laundry, and taking our daughter to school for a volleyball, basketball or whatever practice, which meant that when one of us took one kid to an activity, the other one was stuck at home doing everything else.  Not really fair but we made it work.

We talked about selling our “lake house”, as we called it (not because it was on the lake, but rather because we lived in Lake Stevens), for months and months.  We finally decided to contact the broker that helped us buy the very same house that we were now ready to sell.

We started packing our stuff and putting it in a storage unit.  There were piles of trash, piles of donations, and piles of “storage”. Then the sign went up.  It got real.  We had hope to sell and buy at the same time.  We got a good offer which we accepted and then we realized that our plan was not going to play out the way we wanted it (does anything ever do?).  We decided to move to an apartment until we could find a home.  It’s been almost two months and we are still looking.  It seems like there is a war on who can offer the most money for the crappiest home!  We can’t play that game.

Anyway, for over a year we have been going nonstop and we are just exhausted.  Our last day at the house, when we turned in our keys, was on Saturday.  It was sad but at the same time, there was some sort of relief and (good) anticipation for what is to come.  We are still trying to get settle in our tiny little place but the kids don’t have to wake up at 5:31 (yes, one of the kids actually had the alarm set at 5:31).  We leave the house at 7:25 and get to school in 14 minutes.  If our daughter has a late practice we can just go home and pick her up later, not really having to wait in the school parking lot or at the local Starbucks for hours.  It is already making a difference in our lives.

After all that we have had to deal with in the last year (not including my own health issues) we decided that we needed a vacation.  A short vacation actually since we can’t really take time off work.  With the kids in spring break and our “lake house” closing it seemed like the right time.  We asked our friends if we could stay at their cabin up in the mountains and they kindly said yes.

The view from this place can take your breath away.  The very next morning after arriving the hubby woke me up at 5:20 AM so we could see the sun rise.

Sunrise in Leavenworth

Coffee in hand.

Each kid invited one friend.  And we invited grandma to tag along as well.  Though if you were to come in to the cabin and saw the amount of shoes on the entry, you would think that there were more than 7 people staying here.

Guests shoes

One day we took a little drive to the town of Leavenworth.  It was not raining or snowing, just a little chilly.  We visited shops and ate at South.

Leavenworth, WA

Another day I took the girls to Lake Wenatchee State Park for a little “snowy” adventure hike.

Winter hike

Frozen Lake Wentachee

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Winter hike in the snow

We had a good time during our mini vacation.  We rested a little, we played a little.  We laughed a little (too much).  We ate a lot.

Mountain view


We are super grateful for our friends for letting us stay at Miracle Lodge.  We needed that getaway more than you can imagine.  Not really ready to go back to reality.

Now that we have no more to move to storage, we are ready to find our new home.  It may take a little bit of time but we know the right home is out there somewhere.

Until our next adventure… I hope you enjoyed the post!

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