The End of 2016

I am not really a fan of setting New Year’s Resolutions but at the end of 2015 I decided that the new year was going to be about me.  Call me selfish if you must.

My resolutions were simple.  I knew I could accomplish them.  They were not going to drive me insane if I didn’t get to finish them.  I set realistic expectations so I couldn’t let myself down.

  1. Read three books – ACCOMPLISHED:
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People
    • Confessions of an Unlikely Runner
    • Packing Light
    • Many cookbooks (no, no, not just the recipes!!)
  2. Run 3 half marathons – ONLY RAN ONE HALF:
    • Snohomish Women’s Run Half Marathon
    • Brooks Trailhead 15K
    • The Beats 10K
    • Snohomish River Run 10k
    • Beat the Blerch 10k
    • Captain Jack’s Treasure Run 8K
    • Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
  4. Spend more time outdoors – CHECKED!


Hiking Lime Kiln Trail with the family

Life threw a few curveballs at us.  Actually, many curveballs.  But we managed to make it through.  We managed to survive the storms.  I wanted to run three half marathons in 2016.  I wanted to increase my training time.  I wanted to get better at running but I had to prioritize my family.  They needed me just as much as I needed them.  With Nana becoming a Freshman, and the little guy in Junior High, and the hubby and I being full time working parents, our schedules are sometimes unrealistic.  You should see our calendar.  I am pretty sure that if I don’t add time to “rest” we probably wouldn’t be able to.  CRAZY!

To recap 2016 in pictures:

Hiking Paradise Valley Conservation Area Trail.

United Way of King County’s All Stars Softball Game to benefit the homeless in our communities.

Snowflake Lane at Bellevue Square with the family.

Hiking Lime Kiln Trail with the family.

Volunteering for WACAP annual dinner and auction event.

Touring downtown Snohomish with the family. Snohomish Creamery & Espresso Cafe.

We are looking forward to a better year.  We don’t know what is ahead of us but we know that we will live in the moment, celebrating life and everything that comes with it.

Whatever you do in 2017, do it with all your heart!  Take risks.  Make yourself happy.  Do something good for yourself and then do something good for others.  Sprinkle happiness as you would confetti.  Spread love.  Smile more.  Drink more water.  Feed the hungry.  Volunteer.  Pray.  Meditate.  Do yoga.  Spend more time outdoors.  Dance in the rain.  Say goodbye to the past.  Make more phone calls and less texting.  Travel.  Do what makes you happy.

From our crazy family to you…

Happy New Year!