The Cookbook Obsession

Healthy breakfast cookies from Jen Hansard cookbook “Simple Green Meals”

So it’s been a while since my last post in 2017.  I kinda put a hold on the blog to try to focus on some other important things that required my full, undivided attention.  Sorry for neglecting you.

But even without the blog I still didn’t have enough time to do ALL the things.  You know, all those little things that make one happy.  Like running all the races.  Baking all the breads.  Cooking all the foods.  

I have, however, been growing my collection of cookbooks.  I mean, I don’t think it is that big but my son kindly pointed out that I have too many cookbooks (and that most of them are “too healthy”).

Some of my cookbooks

How many cookbooks do you have to have for them to become too many?

I am currently in love with Jen Hansard’s Simple Green Meals.  I tried her morning glory cookies and they were absolutely delicious and so full of good stuff.  We are a busy family and mornings are just crazy in our household.  From dropping off the boy for jazz band, or taking the girl to physical sports therapy, or rushing to the grocery store before heading into the office because you forgot to get snacks for that 8am meeting.  We are just always on the go and these cookies hit the spot when we needed them.

Breakfast cookies

We always try to feed the kids healthy, wholesome meals.  So having cookbooks that focus on natural, healthy ingredients is important to me, hence, my “collection” of books.  

Ever since PCC released its new cookbook “Cooking From Scratch“, I was itching to buy it.  Then one afternoon my husband surprised me with it.  So many recipes!  I am dying to try its lentil and white bean stew.  It sounds easy to make.

On a side note, my daughter and I have the opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic next spring with her class.  To help offset the some of the costs, I am selling homemade granola.  I love baking and this granola is so healthy and I love that people are loving it.  I just hope to sell enough to cover at least half of our expenses.

So tell me… what are your favorite cookbooks?  How many do you have?  

Until next time, I am going to leave you with this picture of our little baby.  He is definitely a very spoiled Havaton and as much as he drives me insane, he is our little love.

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