Snohomish Women’s Run

My third Half Marathon sneaked up on me.  This is my second time running the Snohomish Women’s Run Half Marathon and I loved it again!

I think I did okay.  I mean, I didn’t get hurt and I came across the finish line so I won!  Haha!

My daughter ran the 10k course and did great!  She finished first place in her age category (again!).  I enjoyed training with her (if what we did you can actually call training) and my little guy – he rode his bike while the girls ran.  It is a special bonding time for us.

I’ve ran some of the Snohomish Running Company events for quite some time now and I love them.  What I like about them is that they are pretty organized.  They are friendly.  They are fun.  And the courses are FLAT.


This year, my kids and hubby surprised me with a fun sign that kinda got soaked with the rain and lost the sticks that were holding it but I loved it!

Rock this run!

I feel grateful for having a supportive family who loves me and puts up with “light dinners” so I could go on a evening run.  They are pretty awesome.

Now to continue training for the Brooks Trailhead 15k in two weeks.  Gotta keep those legs moving!