Gluten Free Vegan Apple Spice Crisp

Is it fall yet?

It certainly feels like fall today.  Seattle has experienced a few days of “extreme heat” to the point that we had an “Heat Advisory” warning going on (think over 90°).  But not today.  Today we woke up to a much cooler day with a high of 72°.

There are people who love the warm days of summer and there are those who love the cooler, crisp days of fall.  I love both.  But I don’t think I am ready for fall to arrive.

Since it was cooler today (than in previous days) and I had a bunch apples that we meant to juice with carrots, beets and kale, I decided to make apple crisp.

Nana outgrew her intolerance to gluten but we still eat as much gluten-free as we possibly can (flour tortillas, anyone?).  So I was searching for a gluten free and vegan recipe for apple crisp and I found this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Gluten Free Vegan Apple Crisp

I did tweak the recipe a little bit.  I added other spices because it felt like a fall day.  Here is what I added to the apple filling:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cloves
  • 2 teaspoons of pumpkin spice

Those three spices definitely gave this already-great recipe a kick.  And I also reduced the amount of maple syrup (only because I ran out).

The kids started school this week and since Nana, Freshman, was trying out for the High School Volleyball Team and had either practice or tryouts every day this week, and Nano, Junior High, had just returned from an out-of-state trip with his best friend’s family, we let them sleep in.  But as soon as I opened the oven door, the girl immediately came down and said “I can smell that all the way upstairs and it smells delicious.”  The boy, on the other hand… I think he would probably have slept until noon if we let him.  But as he came down the stairs, he exclaimed “I know what you baked! It’s apple crisp!”

Needless to say that they devoured the first batch within seconds.

Though Summer is my favorite season, I must say that I do love the colors of fall (and everything pumpkin).  And the fact that I can run anytime during the day not thinking about overheating!

Cheers for the last days of summer!