Chef Mario Batali

Okay so I am way behind on posts but I can’t help it!  The life of full-time working-parents with one kid in Junior High and a Freshman in High School is CRAZY!  Crazy, I tell ya!  Specially if this Freshman wants to try out for almost every single sport offered by the school and makes it to every single team!


Snohomish River Run 10K

Sometimes I wonder if either one of them are really mine.  Nana is such a passionate, self-driven young girl who loves basketball and volleyball and has straight A’s.  And the boy, he is just a bookworm!  He can’t get his nose out of books and he does this funny thing every single night: “Pick a country from the map!”  Then we pick a country and he goes to sleep imagining how that country is.  I love them both so very much!

Anyway!  My work hosted its annual fundraising luncheon and I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity.  One of my favorite chefs: Mario Batali.

Chef Mario Batali

Not only was he funny and gave an amazing speech about the importance of having and building community, he is a very down-to earth man.  I got to meet and chat with his assistant as well and she expressed how much she loves working with him due to his great personality and the respect he has for his employees.  It is amazing how THAT alone can have such a huge impact on someone.

I have to say that I am greatly blessed with not only one but two amazing “bosses” (or leaders as I prefer to call them).  Both of them work tiredlessly and are dedicated to make things better for our community.  I love that I get to work with and support both of them in making our community a great place for all.  Lauren had ordered Chef Batali’s pasta to give out to the amazing Development team we have here amd I got one too.

Chef Mario Batali's Pasta

I received a signed copy of his new “Big American Cookbook” and now I am looking forward to trying out his delicious recipes!  You should definitely check it out!

When I grow up, I want to be like Chef Mario Batali!  Except that I would need to modify his recipes to make them safe for me (haha!).

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a great rest of your day!