The Beats Half & 10k

So I signed up for another race.  Big surprise…

Just like hundreds (if not thousands) of people I have a love-hate relationship with running.  It is the best thing ever but it could also be worst thing ever.  Just kidding!  It is the best thing ever.

I had the opportunity to run The Beats Run 10k.  I had actually signed up for the Half Marathon but I honestly did not train accordingly due to lack of time (or planning).  I was very disappointed.  I really wanted to do the half but I really do like my knees and not getting injured is a top priority to me so I switched distances (after all the medical bills from PT – you would do the same!).

Luckily, Grant and his team are pretty awesome so they kindly switched me to the 10k.  Yes, I know that most races allow you to switch but it was the immediate response, professionalism and awesomeness that makes it special.

Just like with any of the Snohomish Running Company races, I had a great experience.  I even had the chance to snap a picture with Grant Harrington, my favorite Race Director (and founder of the Snohomish Running Company).  He is a super cool guy (and soooo tall!!).


Paola & Race Director, Grant Harrington

Sadly, my MapMyRun app’s GPS did not work and it wasn’t able to track my pace.  It is important to me to have that little voice telling me how fast or how slow I am going.  Since I noticed right after the first mile, it kinda set the mood for the rest of the race but even with that “little bump on the road” I still did okay.

Here are my results:

10k Results

I think I did okay.  I finished in 22nd place from 170 people!  That’s better than my previous races.  But either way, I had a blast and that it is all that matters 🙂

The Beats Run 10k


Now to start (or continue) attempting to train for the Snohomish River Run Half.  I am super excited and look forward to it!

Cheers for a good run!