Meet Pollie

Beat The Blerch Seattle 2016

Beat The Blerch Seattle 2016

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Pollie.

I started Beets & Kale in 2014 as a place for me to share the craziness of my life and everything that is involved with it (family, running, food, the great outdoors, healthy living, home decor, etc.).

I am an Ecuadorian gal living in Washington, the Evergreen State, with my husband, our two kids and Kobe-Wan Kenobi, our crazy Havaton pup.

I love food, real food, wholesome and flavorful meals, but sadly I’ve had gastrointestinal issues since I was in my early twenties (or earlier, I can’t even remember).  From vegetarian, vegan to eating a gluten free diet, I’ve changed my eating habits more times than I can count without seeing major improvements.  

After seeing different doctors, reading and researching information about my symptoms, and my most recent visit to the gastroenterologist, we are trying a different approach to attempt to heal my gut.  There are many foods that, though healthy for most, cause me to be in a lot of pain as I can’t seem to process them like normal people.  These foods are called FODMAPs.  I have not been medically diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Celiac Disease but many of my symptoms resemble those two conditions.  Following a diet low in FODMAPs may allow me the opportunity to have a somewhat normal life.  We shall see.

As part of following a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, I started running when I was pregnant with my daughter, but took a bit of a break after my son was born.  Running has become a part of me.  I don’t think of myself as a “real runner” but I sure do love it.  I started racing in 2013 and I’ve ran a couple of 5ks, many 10ks, a couple of 15ks, and three half marathons.  I would really love to run a full marathon but between our full time jobs, kids schooland their extra curricular activities, it really leaves little time for me to train.  Maybe soon?

Life is not easy but I definitely make every attempt to make the best of it.

Thank you for joining me in this journey!

May you find peace and love in everything you do!